Is Coconaise Vegan?
No. Coconaise is real mayonnaise made with eggs.

Does Coconaise Taste Like Coconut?
No. There is no coconut flavor. Coconaise is real mayonnaise, with real mayonnaise taste.

Why is Oxidation a Concern?
Oxidized oils have awful, rancid flavors and can cause health problems. Scientific studies
show that oxidized oils contain harmful substances (like acrolein and malondialdehyde) that can cause inflammation and chronic diseases. Citation: “Dietary advanced lipid oxidation endproducts are risk factors to human health”, Kanner, Molecular Nutrition & Food Research, 2007, V. 51.

Why does Coconaise contain sodium phytate?

Phytate is a natural antioxidant extracted from rice bran. Phytate prevents oxidation. Coconaise contains 3mg/serving; a typical diet has about 600-1200mg phytate per day.

But Coconaise contains no omega-3. Isn’t that bad?
Omega-3 fatty acids are very unstable and highly susceptible to oxidation. Mayonnaise is not an appropriate food for obtaining omega-3 because it is a perfect environment for causing oil oxidation. Coconaise contains little omega-6 so it won’t unbalance your omega 3/6 intake ratio.

Why is Coconaise so yellow?
High yolk and mustard content.

How do I know how long Coconaise has been at room temperature?
Ask the retail store. Coconaise is refrigerated immediately after manufacturing and at the distributor level. Retail stores have the option of refrigeration or room temperature storage. Retail stores that restock frequently may choose to store at room temperature. Room temperature storage for a couple months has almost no observable effect on freshness.

The 1st date on my Coconaise has passed is it still good?
Most likely, but it depends on whether it has been refrigerated at the retail-level. Coconaise is refrigerated at the manufacturing and distribution level. Like all mayonnaises, Coconaise degrades at a steady, slow rate during storage. Refrigeration reduces the degradation rate.

The palm oil industry has had a negative effect on the environment, is your MCT oil derived from palm oil and does it meet sustainability practices? Yes, our MCT oil is derived from palm oil. We use RSPO certified sustainable MCT oil. For more information, visit www.rspo.org

What kind of eggs do you use in Coconaise? We use organic, free-range eggs from a family farmer cooperative.

Why does Coconaise have 2 dates?
Coconaise has dual date expiration, 8 mos. at 75F and 14 mos. at 40F. Coconaise is refrigerated immediately after manufacturing and at the distributor. Coconaise may be sold in either the grocery or deli departments of your local store. Coconaise shelf life is longer and it stays fresher if it is refrigerated.