Natural (EDTA-free) mayonnaise is highly oxidized and rancid.

Polyunsaturated (omega-6) oils like grapeseed, soybean or canola are fragile. They oxidize quickly when blended with eggs and air, producing unhealthy and bad-tasting rancid oils.

Commercial mayonnaise products like Hellmanns® and Dukes® solved the oxidation problem decades ago by adding EDTA, a synthetic preservative. But natural foods consumers don’t want EDTA in their mayonnaise. EDTA is banned by Whole Foods and other natural grocers. Also, EDTA tastes horrible and ruins the flavor of mayonnaise.

Coconaise® is a new natural mayonnaise with a fresher flavor because the oil is naturally resistant to oxidation. Many people say they don’t like mayonnaise. We believe they are actually offended by rancid oil or EDTA. They have not had the good stuff: mayonnaise with fresh oil and no preservatives.

Coconaise® is the first EDTA-free mayonnaise that is not rancid.

Coconaise mayonnaise solves the problem of oil oxidation, without resorting to EDTA.

Coconaise has fresh, non-rancid oil because the oil is naturally resistant to oxidation. The oil contains mostly coconut oil and medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil, and a little bit of high-oleic sunflower oil. High oleic sunflower oil is mostly omega-9, the main fat present in olive oil.

The saturated fats in Coconaise are mostly the medium chain saturated fats: caprylic acid (C8), capric acid (C10), and lauric acid (C12). Recent research shows these “medium chain” saturated fats have unique health benefits. Also, the once-firm belief that saturated fats cause heart disease is crumbling. A substantial and growing body of scientific evidence shows that saturated fats do not cause heart disease.

We tested the TOTOX (“total oxidation”) value in Coconaise and other competing mayonnaise brands. TOTOX is an industry-standard measurement of oil oxidation. Coconaise had by far the lowest TOTOX value of any natural mayonnaise, and even beat Hellmann’s, which contains EDTA.

A further test of oil oxidation is the Oxidation Stability Index Test, an industry-standard measurement of the susceptibility of oil to oxidation. The Coconaise oil blend resisted oxidation about 10-30 times longer than other oils. No wonder Coconaise stays fresh!

Coconaise Brochure (PDF download)

Below are scientific papers on the health effects of saturated fats and oxidized oils. Turns out that saturated fats are not harmful and oxidized oils are very harmful!